With Midoog you can upload and share all those moments you spend with your pets. Each pet that you add to the app will have a complete profile to which you can add what we have called “Moments”, that is, all those photographs that fill your mobile devices with great moments next to them.

There is no limit and it is completely free. In addition it does not matter that you have 1 or 20 pets, you can upload moments of each of them totally free. It’s great right? Midoog is the social network of pets where you can share those moments and moments and where other users will like everything you upload. Do you want to show off your pet? Upload your photos and get many likes from other users!

Each time you upload you can add a text as a comment and indicate an activity. We increase these activities constantly so that you can have the greatest possible variety.

But not only do pets live in photographs, and what is better than sharing that last prank or that moment so cool that with a video? That is why we are currently working so that you can upload small videos of your pets very soon. Stay tuned to our blog for more information!