Inside Midoog you will find the spaces. What are the spaces? They are our mascot communities. As a user you can participate and join as many as you want. In them you can share and read news, create questions, surveys, answer them, etc … A whole world of possibilities that does not stop growing. Thanks to our spaces you can answer your questions about your pets, get the latest news from the animal world or even follow your favorite clinic or brand.

In addition you can also create them. The spaces in Midoog are created by and for users, so if you want in a few minutes and in a few steps you will have a fully operational and free space. Do you want to be a “Petinfluencer”? Create a space! Do you have a group of pet friends? Create a space and use it as a meeting point! Many possibilities open with Midoog Spaces, and the best thing is that we don’t stop improving them!

If you are professional, this is also your site. We have a type of space for each type of professional in the sector, and even for pet friendly businesses! Do not miss the opportunity to reach your audience and expand your brand.

The spaces in Midoog are divided into what we have called “modules”. Each module gives a different characteristic to the spaces. We currently have the following modules available:


It is the main module. Thanks to the post you can share news, curiosities, suggestions, etc … It is a way to communicate and expand knowledge among users as well as an ideal way to stay informed.

In addition, the post is not only text, but you can also share complete photo galleries and, very soon, video.


For the Midoog team it is perhaps one of the favorites since thanks to this module you can ask Midoog users any questions you have, whether it’s your pets or the animal world in general. Don’t you know how often it is good to cut your cat’s nails? Ask him and listen to what the community thinks. Do you want advice to change the feed to your dog? Surely many users can help you. Whatever you want, however you want.


Thanks to this module you can create and participate in surveys. You can create it from whatever you want, from 2 to 4 options, to know what users prefer. It is a curious and fun way to share opinions.


Although you can find a better explanation of adoptions here, thanks to the adoptions module you can share pets that need a new home or find a new adventure companion among those already added. At Midoog we support responsible adoption and we had to give it its place.


This module is very oriented to communities belonging to clubs, institutions or companies that want to organize an event. With just a few steps you can share with the rest of the users all the information of the same and they can indicate if they are going to attend or not.

Currently, we are working on expanding the available modules. Although we still cannot give many details about what is to come, we can indicate some information:

  • Coupon module: Oriented for business of the sector
  • Products module: Oriented for business of the sector
  • Appointments module: Oriented for veterinary clinics and dog grooming
  • Valuations: Thanks to this module, users will be able to value the entity or place that owns the space.