With the Quizs you can have fun while learning about the incredible animal world by answering questions on various topics but always about animals and everything around them. You can find yourself from questions about dog breeds, to historical questions about horses, rabbits or hamsters. Prove you’re the one you know most about everything Midoog!

Every day you can find on the home screen of the app a “Question of the day” that will give you more points if you hit it to rise in the first place of the ranking, because yes, the quizs have rankings! Find and answer questions ordered by different quizzes and try to be first in each one of them.

Every day the app will let you answer a number of questions and if you hit them, you will be adding points to auparte in the top positions of the ranking. We warn that some questions are not easy but do not worry, because after each question we will give you an explanation of it so that you learn something new every day, and who knows, it may be that the app shows you that question again and of This way you can hit it the next time!

We constantly add new quizzes with new questions so that you always find a new challenge in our Quizs. You can also ask us questions by writing to contacto@midoog.com, we are looking forward to receiving your questions!