The most complete app for you and your pets.

From a manager to a complete social network. In Midoog you will find features that will be useful and entertaining in your day to day with your pets. In addition we do not stop creating new and incredible functions for you!

Pet Manager

From vaccines to allergies. Take your pet's daily life with Midoog. Click here for more information.

For all pets

Dogs, cats, ferrets, horses, hamsters, rabbits ... We want Midoog to be for everyone and that's why we don't stop adding new species

Upload your moments

You can upload all the photos you take to your pets and share it with other users

Participate in the spaces

The spaces are the communities of Midoog. You can join or create the ones you want. Share news, ask other users, etc ...


If you are looking for a pet to adopt you can find it in Midoog. And if you are a refuge you can upload to the app all you have totally free.

Meet people who love both animals and you

In Midoog we are creating the largest social network focused on pets and here you can meet many people who love them as much as you do.

Participate in Quizs

Learn and have fun answering many questions about the animal world. Try to be 1st in the rankings!

Find places

Know what places you have around for you and your pets. Parks, pet-friendly areas, veterinarians, etc ...

Best App Award of 2019

Meet our team

Midoog is formed by a small team but where the passion for animals is what led them to join.
Adrián Bolaños

Adrián Bolaños

Carlos Dorado

Carlos Dorado

Android Developer
Juan José Melero

Juan José Melero

Android developer & tester

Are you a professional in the pet industry? Look what we offer you

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New species available

In our commitment to bring Midoog to the largest number of people, it is from the outset to be able to expand the number of species available, to make Midoog the app for all pets. Read more…

Welcome to our blog

We renew the web, and take the moment to start a new blog about Midoog. In this blog we will be telling news about the app and we will be informing about our progress. If Read more…

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